Thieving foxes in the crosshairs Foxes are stealing cake from the mouths of sheep. Down on the farm in Dorset, foxshooter David Pomeroy has an unusual problem. The farm milks ewes and feeds them on cake while they are milking. Local foxes are sneaking in and taking the cake. David has his rifle, night vision and Pulsar Accolade II […]

Fieldsports Britain – cakesnatching foxes Foxshooting, gamekeepers’ vehicles, rifle accuracy, bird flu, a venison recipe and the story of a rifle – it’s a truly packed programme this week. Dorset foxshooter David Pomeroy has to deal with foxes that are stealing the sheep’s cake. Richard Utting from #SharpShootingUK explains how to shoot straighter (given that you shoot straight anyway). […]

How animal rights extremists conned the world with Cecil

The Cecil the lion story was simply a fundraiser for a Zimbabwean NGO. That’s the conclusion of big game hunter Ron Thomson, who has spoken up about the story to Fieldsports News. He calls out the lies during the 2015 scandal, including the revelation that the lion was enticed out of Hwange National Park in […]


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