Shooting for the blind Jason Ford is one of the best target shooters in the UK – and he is blind. He uses new technology to enjoy his sport, which is backed by the National Smallbore Rifle Association. Click here for the NSRA   Visually-impaired lad trains as professional hunter:

Foxshooting and a limping fallow Roy Lupton has hold of two new pieces of foxshooting kit. He is out to try them out. He has the InfiRay TD50L Tube night vision scope and the Unique UH35 thermal spotter. They bring him success: five foxes on the ground.     For the InfiRay scope and spotter, check out deals on Kitfinder […]

Woodcock shooting: how Wild Justice is trying to ban it by Deborah Hadfield it is one of the most challenging birds you can shoot in the UK. Woodcock shooters are considered among the elite of rough shooters, prepared to travel great distances and at short notice when they hear that ‘the woodcock are in’. Woodcock shooting is not commercial like pheasant, grouse and partridge. […]

Best spring-powered air rifles for hunting 2022 So you’ve got a problem with rats, or rabbits, and you want an airgun. Will a spring-powered air rifle do the job, and how much will it cost? West Country gunshop owner Ian Hodge picks two great value guns off his shelf: the BSA Lightning and the Gamo Black 10 Maxxim. They’re both up […]


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