Bird flu spreads – Fieldsports News, 7 September 2022

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Here are the links:

  • Bird flu spreads across UK – DEFRA
  • Antis march on London – Evening Standard
  • Scottish gamekeepers blame conservation industry for capercaillie loss – SGA
  • Antis arrested after pouring milk in shops – ITV
  • Record breaking bluefin tuna in UK – BBC + our film about the old record on YouTube
  • Gun certificates costs to rise – GTN
  • Scottish farmed salmon loopholes hide harm – Guardian
  • Uncontrollable fire warning for English uplands –
  • New trailhunting trials – find it on Google Maps or What3Words 
  • UK shooters secure spots in precision rifle series international – Viking
  • US wind turbine energy company fined for eagles’ deaths – US Justice Dept
  • Stag in road – Twitter


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