Threats to shooting: the fightback

Fieldsports groups claim shooting is under threat from over-regulation: you can’t shoot a magpie in Wales but you can in England, the Scottish government plans to restrict the use of gundogs, and DEFRA wants a ban on lead airgun pellets. Those are just a few of the pointless new laws affecting shooting. Aim to Sustain, […]

Recipe: smoked rabbit on an open fire Joe Wood (@high_elms) hot smokes rabbit loins over an open fire. Firstly, he cures them, sprinkling on a mixture of salt, sugar, star anise, bayleaf and black pepper. Cure the rabbit for 15 minutes, rinse off the cure and get the smoker going, using Half a cup of rice, 3 tbsp brown sugar and […]

How to hunt with a flintlock musket Fieldsports Nation member Joe Wood is a black powder enthusiast. He owns a reproduction 18th-century Brown Bess muzzleloading flintlock musket, and he wants to take it mooching for a rabbit or a pigeon. First, though, he needs to set up a target and check everything is working as it should. Put your fingers in […]

Moderators get lighter and more efficient

Gone are the days of fitting a huge, heavy moderator on the end of your barrel, making the rifle unbalanced and unwieldy. That’s the view of Robbie Shedden of Cluny Country. His company import the Freyr & Devik range of moderators which are lighter and more efficient than anything that’s gone before. The existing Freyr […]


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