DEFRA failure: GL43 and gamebird release The anger in the countryside is palpable. It came to a head at the 2023 Game Fair, when Tory MPs lined up to criticise DEFRA, not Labour. DEFRA secretary Thérèse Coffey didn’t even turn up (we replaced her with a cauliflower). Meanwhile, Labour environment spokesman Daniel Zeichner was surprisingly positive about shooting sports. Click […]

Fieldsports Britain – Vinnie does the Game Fair Vinnie Jones says it’s time to stand up for fieldsports. He was at the 2023 Game Fair at Ragley Hall, where the hunting and shooting organisations launched initiative after initiative against the antis. Deborah Hadfield rounds them up. Plus Charlie replaces DEFRA secretary Thérèse Coffey with a cauliflower, because she had the cauli-wobbles about […]

The 2023 Game Fair: home of the fieldsports fightback The Game Fair 2023 at Ragley Hall was a celebration of the best of British field sports and country life. More than 100,000 people attended  the event in Warwickshire. It was three days of fun for shooters, families, friends and four-legged friends. But storm clouds are gathering for Fieldsports. The threats to the rural […]

The Vorn SR10, a hip pack that’s also a shooting platform There’s enough to carry when you’re out stalking or doing vermin control – so anything that can do two jobs at once is a bonus. That’s the idea with the Vorn SR10 hip pack. It’s a practical 10-litre waist pack with plenty of space for all your gear. Plus it provides a stable platform […]


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