Gamekeeper battles DEFRA over pheasant release – GL43 appeal Gamekeeper Steven Musk is one of the lucky ones. DEFRA granted him a licence to release birds near a Special Protection Zone. It’s one of only a handful that have been issued. More than 100 shoots are not so lucky. They usually put down pheasants and partridges within 500 metres of a European-designated SPA […]

Roy calls roe and muntjac bucks It’s a Fieldsports Channel tradition: Roy takes David out for an evening of friendly abuse and banter every July/August in order to capture the excitement of the annual roe deer rut. 2023 is no exception, with the pair of them luring both roebuck and muntjac with their calls. More from Roy here:

Glorious grouse, ghastly weather Charlie Bull and friends are looking forward to shooting driven grouse on the Glorious Twelfth on the highest grouse moor in England. But there’s a problem. The weather is atrocious, and there’s no sign of improvement. They still manage to bag grouse on the first day of the 2023 season. Find out how in […]

Fieldsports Britain – wild weather grouse When is ‘everything goes according to plan’ ever entertaining? Charlie Bull leads a team of guns up to 2,300ft in the Cumbrian fells to shoot drive grouse – but the weather has other ideas. He gets grumpy about that. And Roy Lupton gets a gold medal for grumpiness with David out stalking roebucks and […]


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