670-metre shot on an impala – African Hunter episode 3

True South African wildlife management in this month’s African Hunter. Eugene Etsabeth from Nonya Safaris in Limpopo Province, South Africa, shows off proper long-rangeshooting. He tries a 670-metre shot on an impala, using a custom Howa 6.5 Creedmoor and Lapua scope. He also has a problem with a sterile bull red hartebeest – and he wants to take it out of the herd to create a space for a new bull. Meanwhile, Allan Schenk is out to complete the spiral horn slam in the Eastern Cape. He and a client are after a kudu bull and an old blue Cape eland. If they want to make the slam, they have to have both. And finally, Rudi Niekerk from Winterberg Taxidermy is still a bushpig nut. He would like to shoot hogzilla if its out there, but tonight it’s all about the big, one-eyed sow. African Hunter – it’s everything that’s real about hunting in South Africa.

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