What are the best bullets for roebuck? Paul Childerley tries out Gamehead Pro cartridges from ammunition manufacturer Sako after a roebuck in the south-east of England, plus he visits the Sako factory in Finland to see how they are made. It is the latest in his Stalking Success series.

The Gamehead cartridge is Sako’s main offering for the small-to-medium-sized game market. It delivers a spitzer-nosed soft-point bullet, which  has a light jacket and non-bonded core for rapid expansion.


Gamehead bullets


We surveyed our viewers in March 2020 and, along with the similarly-priced Federal Power•Shok, the Sako Gamehead is their favourite cartridge. The Gamehead gets maximum satisfaction for reliability (4.8 stars out of 5), value for money (4.9 stars), and accuracy (4.5 stars). Just over 8% of 624 viewers who shoot rifle cartridges prefer Sako Gamehead.

They had improvements they would like to make. There were calls for a version with a bonded bullet, and one viewer wishes for more expansion on impact. A viewer called Geoff would like to see a this cartridge come with a non-lead alternative.

Box of 20

▶ For more about Gamehead cartridges, visit the manufacturer’s website here
▶ For Sako’s UK distributor, go to GMK.co.uk
▶ Paul wears Shooterking clothing Shooterking.co.uk
▶ To go shooting with Paul Childerley, visit ChilderleySporting.co.uk
▶ For still pictures from Paul’s trip to the factory, go to Flickr.com/photos/fieldsportschannel/albums/72157691303261885


Watch this film about Roy Lupton using a .20-06 Sako Gamehead Pro, 117-grain softpoint on fallow. He discusses how deer react differently to different shots:


Our viewers’ next favourite cartridges from the Saka stable are the Hammerhead and Super Hammerhead

On Test: the Sako Super Hammerhead, including a visit to the Sako factory in Finland to see how they are made

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