A Tonne of Trouble – Fieldsports Africa, episode 2

Imagine stalking a deer that weighs a tonne and has a very, very nasty temper. American big game hunter Aaron Neilson is after Cape Buffalo in Tanzania in this episode of Fieldsports Africa. It’s some of the finest and most exciting hunting that Africa has to offer.

At the other end of the scale, Richard Leonard is out with his friend Nico in South Africa after scrub hares and spring hares. That’s Fieldsports Africa – everything from bunnies to buffalo!

For the buffalo hunt, go to www.kilombero-north-safaris.com

For Nitesite night vision, go to www.nitesite.com
Richard went rabbit hunting with Nico at East Cape Bushveld Hunting www.ecbushveldhunting.co.za/

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