A Year of Deer, volume 1

Since starting Fieldsports Channel, we’ve been lucky enough to go out with some exceptional stalkers across Britain and filmed some incredible deerstalking. We’ve chosen the best of the bunch to release our first stalking DVD: A Year of Deer, twelve months, six species.

It is stuffed with great advice and great stories. There’s the fallow stalk with the added excitement of an aggressive dog walker throwing abuse as we take out an injured buck. There is rugby league legend Keiron Cunningham describing his first red as “better than scoring at Wembley” – and he should know. There are also masterclasses in calling in roebucks and gralloching Chinese water deer.

We call on other experts: Colin Hinkley and Sporting Shooter writer Dominic Holtam from Sussex, Sporting Rifle editor Peter Carr from Yorkshire, Roy Lupton from Kent, Essex keeper and National Gamekeeper’s Organisation stalwart Geoff Garrod from the Gamekeeper’s Diary DVD series, BASC’s Mike Dickinson from Staffordshire, and stalker and taxidermists Jonathan Standing from Cumbria and Paul Taylor from Dorset.

Red, sika, fallow, roe, muntjac and Chinese water deer – it all adds up to a great 90 minutes. £12.99 + £1.50 p&p

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