Lead shot ban hits a bump – Fieldsports News, 25 May 2022

youtu.be/vq9ST1Jw670 Here are the links: Lead shot ban hits a bump – FACE challenges ECHA’s consultation: www.face.eu/2022/05/can-we-reach-fair-play-in-the-eus-approach-to-restricting-ammunition/ Guinea pig mystery: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-61521356 Harboro Rocks Clay Shoot:


10% off GAIM Compact Kit for 2022

Exclusive offer Fieldsports Nation members 10% off The compact kit for 2022 Plus free ‘High Pheasant’ software Visit GAIM.com and use discount code GAIM4FSC at checkout Total package RRP £400. Offer ends 31 December 2022. Offer does not include the Quest or Quest 2 VR headset. The headset must be purchased separately. Only valid for GAIM […]

Fieldsports Live 11th December

Fieldsports Live Saturday 11th December 7.30pm, Langford Budville Village Hall, Somerset Enjoy 90 minutes of fieldsports fun. Charlie Jacoby hosts Fieldsports Live, a brand new stage show that draws you into the world of Fieldsports Channel, bringing you the highs and lows of the YouTube hunting/shooting/fishing sensation. An evening of music, video, big screen entertainment, interviews […]

Will a cheap riflescope work?

Just because a riflescope is expensive, does it work better? Dan Pool from Braces of Bristol says he can’t see a difference in optics over

Code of Bad Shooting Practice

There’s a pheasant shooting film out on YouTube that has angered the rest of the UK shooting community. A couple of weeks ago [25 March

UK newspapers attack children

The London-based Daily Mirror, Evening Standard and Sun have lashed out at children who go on hunting holidays. The news websites put up photographs of

Venison mince pies – recipe

Ingredients Diced onion 300g fruit 500g venison 1 heaped tbsp marmalade Generous glass of port 400ml venison or beef stock 1 heaped tsp cinnamon 1

Coming soon…

  Why is Fieldsports Channel starting a crowdfunding campaign? Your investment in Fieldsports Channel will let us expand the subjects we cover in our popular

Fieldsports Africa…coming soon!

From Fieldsports Channel comes a new adventure: Fieldsports Africa. Fronted by hunter and wildlife cameraman Richard Leonard we will bring you the most breathtaking scenery


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