Back in March 2020, 3,500 of you filled out our survey on what kit you use. Nearly 300 of you told us about your airgun optics, and here are the results.

There’s one brand that has half the market.

Overall winner: Hawke


In third place, it’s MTC, and the model you are most likely to own is the Viper Pro

Second place goes to Nikko Stirling, and your choice here is the Mount Master

And first place, with just under half of the market all by itself, it’s Hawke, and it’s most popular model is the Vantage.


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What star ratings do you give your airgun scopes? because – and this is important – these are your results – what Fieldsports Channel viewers are using and rating.

Category sinners: Simmons, MTC, Nikko Stirling, Hawke and Tasco


Simmons scopes get your top rating for ease of use.

MTC scopes win for waterproofing

Nikko Stirling scopes are your top choice for durability, reliability and value for money.

Owners of Hawke scopes rate the company highest for customer service

And it’s a Tasco scope, say Fieldsports Channel viewers, when you want supreme accuracy from your airgun.

Before we leave this subject, a quick shout out for night vision and thermal. Two brands dominate airgun night vision among Fieldsports Channel airgun owners. They are Pard in second place and first place goes to Nitesite. And for thermal, just like our main thermal optics survey, there can be only one: it’s Pulsar.

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