Anti publishes hunting ‘directory of hate’

Antis hate all hunters – but big game hunters they want hunted down and killed.

A new self-published ebook by Eduardo Gonçalves of the UK-based Campaign Against Trophy Hunting makes it clear that cyber-bullying is fine as long as long as your victim is a hunting tourist.

Trophy Hunters Exposed is a directory of UK hunting tourism companies, copied and pasted from the directories of game fairs and hunting shows, with the addition of statements designed to incite death threats against hunters. After a preamble including a foreword by an anti-hunting TV personality and an an anti-hunting bishop, Gonçalves attacks a list of hunting outfitters.

Among hunting safari operations Gonçalves victimises are Nduna Hunting Safaris, Blackthorn Safari and their UK agents. An article in The Sun newspaper says ‘There is no suggestion that any of the businessmen has done anything illegal.’

David Watt, who advertises Nduna widely

Gonçalves writes about how ‘ordinary’ people are ‘horrified’ when they read in newspapers about ‘innocent’ animals such as Cecil the lion being shot. He leaves out how hunting pays for much of Africa’s wildlife – and how it provides wildlife with protection from poachers. He links hunting and wildlife population declines, despite science showing the opposite.

David Watt, 72, from Doncaster, who works as international client coordinator for Nduna, tells The Times newspaper: “Hunting does a lot of good for animal conservation and provides for the local community.”

Gonçalves names Paul Roberts, who runs J Roberts & Son gunmakers in Sussex. Roberts tells journaliststhat a ban on trophy hunting “won’t do any good whatsoever and will do a lot of harm”.

Gonçalves publishes his book under the Green Future Books imprint (proptietor: E Gonçalves). This is a similar name to environmentalist Jonathon Porritt’s Green Futures magazine, published by Forum for the Future. Founded by Jonathon Porritt in 1996, Green Futures carries articles about environmental solutions and sustainable futures, not about hunting.

Gonçalves publishes nothing new about conservation hunting, except for incitements to attack safari company operators next to their names.

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