Antis try to ban ancient bull-taming festival

A bull-taming festival in India where young men try out their strength against a bull is no longer under threat from politicians. Jallikattu is held during the harvest festival of Pongal.

The event, which has been practised for thousands of years, was outlawed by the country’s Supreme Court in 2014. Now the Indian federal government has cleared the way for bullfighting events to resume in the southern India state of Tamil Nadu, bypassing the Supreme Court ban. Despite the ban, it still continued in Tamil Nadu where it has been held for thousands of years.

A Bollywood star Kamal Haasan says he is a “big fan” of Jallikattu, and believes the ban should be revoked. He says that if the Indian government bans Jallikattu, it should also ban biryani, a rice dish mixed with chicken or lamb.
Watch a local TV report about Jallikattu, going ahead, despite a ban:

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