BBC glamourises masked hunt sabs

A new BBC documentary legitimises and glamourises hunt saboteurs. BBC Three joins a group of masked thugs and tries to make them look good.

The ‘balance’ comes several minutes in to the half-hour film, when pro hunters are given a chance to make the point that people dressed as terrorists, scaring horses and leading hounds on to roads is not reasonable behaviour.

A BBC film crew is caught trespassing on farmland with a radical saboteur that they admit has a string of convictions for violence.

The film follows a group of hapless saboteurs who are trying unsuccessfully to disrupt a hunt. With a BBC film crew among them, the sabs try to behave and leave their baseball bats at home.

At the end of the documentary, the BBC presenter admits that the hunt is doing nothing wrong.

In the same week, violent animal rights activists stepped up their campaigning across the UK. Online vlog channel Unilad released an ISIS-style recruitment video for animal rights activists.

Antis have since posted names and addresses of hunters that took part in these documentaries in order to incite violence against them.

The Animal Liberation Front vandalised this butcher’s shop in Kent. The family that owns the shop removed the graffiti with hairspray.