Beast of Cumbria spotted

Two ramblers claim to have spotted a black panther known as the Beast of Cumbria. Husband and wife Liz and Stuart Wild were walking in the Lake District when they came across the creature (pictured) near the hamlet of Little Langdale.

Liz, 54, told The Sun: “There were some sheep in the field and one of my friends said: ‘Look at that dog’.

“But it was very feline and very, very big. You know how a cat stalks? It was like that. It was jet black and walking slowly.”

Her husband, from Worcester, added: “It had a big, black long tail.

“It looked exactly like the pictures of black panthers I found when I searched online.”

Last August, holidaymaker Jason Young, from St Helens, Merseyside, also saw the creature as it chased a deer by old Roman ruins near the Cumbrian tourist town of Ambleside.

A tooth was previously found after Cumbria Police were inundated with sightings of the beast. He described seeing a “black cat with a long thick tail” as he stood with his wife near the edge of a lake.


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