Bergara BA13 TD take-down rifle – review


How about a rifle that you can take down like a shotgun and pack into a rucksack? That’s the Bergara BA13 TD take-down rifle. “It’s a little single shot, break action rifle and it’s incredible,” says James Fowler of distributors RUAG. “It gets called the keeper’s gun because it’s compact and they can put in in the truck for foxing and the like – but it’s also ideal for just walking along, or if you’re stalking and want to carry a light gun.”

The rifle takes down into three parts like a shotgun. Remove the fore-end, then open the action and the barrel comes away from the stock. The rifle goes together again just as easily, and you’re ready to go.

Bergara is a well-liked for its centrefire rifle design, winning top rating from Fieldsports Channel viewers for fit in our centrefire research.

“It’s a simple rifle, and very safe too,” James says. “You can carry it open over your arm like a shotgun, and anyone around can see that it’s safe. Then when you’re ready to shoot you close it and cock the hammer.”

As you’d expect from Bergara, the quality and accuracy are superb, and the gun comes in a variety of configurations and calibres to suit every type of quarry, from .222 up to .45-70. Pictured is a thumbhole stock but it’s also available with a standard Monte Carlo stock and a variety of colours, including a nice walnut finish, black or camouflage. Fieldsports Channel viewer Moritz from Germany has the rifle in .222 and shoots V-Max Hornady through it.

“There’s something special about this little rifle,” says James. “It becomes a part of you, and it’s so much fun.

Quite simply it’s an awesome bit of kit, and super accurate.

”The Bergara BA13 TD comes with a two-year warranty at a very attractive price of £549. As James says, “That’s an incredible price. What are you waiting for – get yourself one.”

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