Bergara B14-R .22LR rimfire training rifle – review


Why would you want a .22 rimfire version of a centrefire Hunter Match Rifle? The obvious answer is running costs. With the price of centrefire ammo, a .22 rimfire allows you to practise to your heart’s content without worrying about the cost. But it’s also a lovely little rifle to own and use in its own right, says James Fowler of distributors RUAG.

“The Bergara B14-R is based on Bergara’s Hunter Match Rifle centrefire model, and it’s designed as a precision training rifle,” James says. “It’s got the full size ambidextrous HMR stock with its integral chassis that runs all the way through the fore-end to the stock. Like the centrefire rifles, the stock is fully adjustable for length and comb height.”

Bergara is a well-known centrefire manufacturer, less well-known for rimfires. It is extremely well-known for design, winning top rating from Fieldsports Channel viewers for fit in our centrefire research.

The trigger on this .22 is the Bergara Performance Trigger, the same as on the centrefire rifle. The bolt is shortened to suit the .22 rimfire cartridge, but the magazine is basically the same box as the centrefire Accuracy International magazine, it just feeds ten .22 rounds instead of centrefire cartridges.

All in all, shooting the B14-R is virtually identical to shooting the Bergara HMR centrefire rifles, just with less recoil and a lot less damage to your wallet! As you’d expect from Bergara, accuracy is top notch too. That makes it the ideal training tool for improving your technique and accuracy. “You can just play with it and have fun,” says James. “But it also makes a great varmint rifle, if you want to go out rabbiting for example.”

The gun shown here has a carbon fibre finish on the barrel, but there are several options available including steel and black Cerakote. RRP is £1,150 with the steel barrel, and £1,240 with carbon.

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