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Johnny Muston from gunshop R&K Stockcraft puts his reputation on the line by explaining what he thinks is – pound for pound – the best springer air rifle on the market. Using his years of experience, he chooses the rifle that is the most accurate for under £300.

He puts the Weihrauch HW99 S break-barrel at the top of his list. It has the same two-stage trigger unit that Weihrauch uses on its flagship HW97 and, above all, it is accurate at range.

On YouTube, viewer Robert Stones comments that he just bought a HW99 S in .22 along with a 3×9-40 scope as a ‘grab-and-shoot’ and, he says, “I was blown away by its accuracy. At 30 yards it was putting pellet through pellet, no twang and there was no need to mess on with the trigger as it was absolutely fine for me straight out of the box. It shoulders perfectly for me at 6ft 2in tall, and the build quality is what you’d expect from Weihrauch: outstanding.”

Also on YouTube, HarryZero 156 says he modified his HW 99 S with a faux moderator to eliminate barrel flip. He says it gives him, “Pellet on pellet with a budget Hawke scope, and it’s not too heavy.”

As an alternative, Reg Webster has a 1986 BSA Supersport in .22. “All I have done is to polish the trigger mechanism,” he says. “It produces half inch groups at 30 metres, at a consistent 11.3 ft/lb.”

“There are a lot of air rifles on the market that just can’t produce good accuracy at 25 yards – the triggers are too hard, the quality of the barrel is not good enough – and there is nothing more disheartening for a youngster – and I was that youngster,” says Johnny.

The Weihrauch HW99 is £240 retail. For more, go to
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