The big ‘green’ shotgun shell test – Fieldtester, episode 2

    This month we go green and test the shotgun shells with the best eco credentials. Presented by David Wright, Jason Doyle and Tim Pilbeam with help from Jack Clutterbuck from Raytrade they examine the top products the manufacturers and distributors have to offer. Is it about steel is it about lead, is it […]

How much is my gun worth? Value my shotgun!

  You want to get a fair price for your gun or sell guns? If you’re thinking of selling your guns, how can you find out how accurate used gun values are? Gunshop owner Dan Pool from Braces of Bristol answers the question, ‘How to value my shotgun’ and explains what you need to consider. Follow […]

Why you need to clean your rifle sound moderator

  You should clean your rifle moderator every time you shoot your gun, says Robbie Sheddon at Cluny Country Guns. Robbie shows us the results of what happens if you don’t give your gun suppressor or ‘silencer’ a little bit of care and attention. Cluny Country Guns stock lots of different moderators and they also […]

How does steel shot affect shotgun barrels?

  How much does steel shot affect your barrels? We speak to Jack Clutterbuck from Raytrade, UK, importer of Turkish shotgun make Yildiz, about how we need to rethink our relationship with our shotguns. For more, visit:

Best value springer air rifle 2020

  Johnny Muston from gunshop R&K Stockcraft puts his reputation on the line by explaining what he thinks is – pound for pound – the best springer air rifle on the market. Using his years of experience, he chooses the rifle that is the most accurate for under £300. He puts the Weihrauch HW99 S […]

Is vegan dogfood good for dogs?

  High-profile dog-owners including F1 driver Lewis Hamilton endorse and feed their pet dogs a vegan diet. So can our domesticated ‘wolves’ do well as herbivores? We ask animal physiologist Dr David Marlin about the nutritional value of vegan dog food. Plus we do a simple taste test between meat, a meat and vegetable mix […]


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