Botswana reverses animal rights lunacy

The government in Botswana is considering a substantial reform to the country’s wildlife management policy. Included in the reform is the re-opening of hunting on government lands and the re-opening of elephant hunting.

The former administration ended Botswana’s five-year tragic experiment in wildlife management when it adopted policies dictated by animal rights extremists.

The administration of President Mokgweetsi Masisi has drafted a proposal to reverse those devastating and counter-productive policies and return to science-based policy that protects wildlife and benefits local communities. Antis are furious.

Before this proposal, Botswana’s elephant population was in a precarious state.  In 2018, one elephant charity found 87 elephant carcases lying out in the open, killed by poachers or local farmers. Animal charities have great intentions but, compared to hunting concessions, they seldom have the cash to police wildlife.

This article in the state-owned Botswana Daily News explains why Botswana plans to cull elephants.

Here’s the situation in southern Africa in a film:

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For the whole Botswana film, go to:

This the latest on wildlife in Botswana, according to the Government of Botswana

The critically important reasoned voice of sportsmen and sportswomen who understand these complicated issues and the value of sustainable use wildlife policy is not being heard – until now.

You can voice your support for the new policy that returns a component of well-regulated hunting – a component that resulted in Botswana’s recognition as one of the world’s leaders in wildlife management before hunting was banned – by posting a comment on the Botswana Government’s Facebook page – BWgovernment or @BotswanaGovernment. You can leave your comment on the post addressing the proposed policy change entitled Suspension of Hunting Review OR by clicking on the “Send Message” tab on the BWgovernment homepage.

Hunting is conservation. Hunters are conservationists. President Masisi urgently needs the support of true conservationists. Use the template below or draft your own message, but either way, make your voice heard.


Sample letter (put forward by Dallas Safari Club)

Dear President Masisi,
Those of us who care for wildlife and wilderness, those who understand and appreciate a wildlife management policy that recognises and adopts sustainable use principles, and those who acknowledge that local communities can and must benefit from sound wildlife policy, proudly stand in unity with you and your government in your efforts to reform Botswana’s wildlife management policy. There are those who hide behind the mantle of the animal rights movement and who claim to care about Botswana’s wildlife, who are waging war against your proposals. Their policies, their extremism and their agenda must not be allowed to control or influence what you and your government know to be the policy that is best for Botswanans and Botswana’s wildlife.
You have the chance to return Botswana to its rightful position as a beacon for the world to follow. I salute you for your courage, your foresight and your willingness to recognize the failure of current wildlife policy.
Stand strong and the world will stand with you.

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