We lose control of the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. At the 2019 British Shooting Show, the viewers get to have their own go. And here is the awful result…

The NEC in Birmingham was packed on Saturday – and heaving on the Friday and Sunday, too. Shooting took up one-and-a-half times more floorspace than it did in 2018. And the Fieldsports Channel / Great British Shooting Show stage was one of the big attractions, hosting chats with Andy Crow, Tim Pilbeam, Cai Ap Bryn and Niall Rowantree among others. Here are the highlights:

Andy Crow

Crow covered pigeon shooting and working with David in his chat on stage.

Niall Rowantree

Niall started with the politics of deer and then, in later chats, moved on to trophy hunting and how it is presented in social media.

Tim Pilbeam

Tim is struggling with Lyme disease. This is what it has been like.

Paul Childerley & Jason Doyle

Paul and Jason talk about deerstalking in Ireland and Bedfordshire.

Product chats

Stefan Buehring from Zeiss presents the new RF binoculars.


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A close-up look at the Zeiss rangefinder binoculars on stage at the British Shooting Show.

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Martin Skrivanek from Austrian gunmaker Strasser talks about the RS14 Evolution.

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