Antis plan hunt ball demos

Where local newspapers used to post details of hunt meets and hunt balls, now they post details of anti-hunt demonstrations. This from the Hastings Independent Press in the South of England is a call to demonstrate at the East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt Ball on 23rd February 2019, asking balaclavaed saboteurs to assemble at […]

Life with Lyme disease

Lyme disease leaves you at your wits’ end. For deerstalker Tim Pilbeam, who has been living with it for 20 years, he has given up on the NHS and turned to alternative medicine – and he is learning to live with the disease. He has good days and bad days. Find out what it’s like. […]

Fieldsports Britain – Living with Lyme

The effervescent Tim Pilbeam has good days but he has bad days – and those bad days are down to Lyme disease, which he caught from a tick bite 20 years ago. He has been keeping a video diary for the last two years. Here’s what it’s like – and what he’s trying out to […]

British Shooting Show 2019

 We lose control of the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. At the 2019 British Shooting Show, the viewers get to have their own go. And here is the awful result… The NEC in Birmingham was packed on Saturday – and heaving on the Friday and Sunday, too. Shooting took up one-and-a-half times more floorspace than […]

New cash record for rare goat

 An American hunter has set a record for a markhor hunt. He paid the highest amount yet paid – US$110,000 – to hunt Pakistan’s national animal. Bryan Kinsel Harlan hunted the Astore markhor in Gilgit-Baltistan. His is one of four permits the Peshawar wildlife department auctioned last year. He started a worldwide debate on […]


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