Catching hares goes viral

Fieldsports Channel’s Eaglecam film is breaking records for views. Footage taken from a camera mounted on an eagle gives the viewer the feeling they are riding on its back as it stoops on and catches mountain hares in Scotland.

Roy Lupton came up with the camera mount and put it on his eagle. It is the main subject of Fieldsports Britain episode 377.

The Daily Mirror picks up the story here Camera attached to 150mph eagle captures it swoop in to kill mountain hare and the Daily Mail does it here Breathtaking ‘eaglecam’ captures bird of prey’s 150mph swoop to kill terrified mountain hare

Our new Eaglecam makes you feel like you are riding on the back of an eagle as it closes in on its prey,” says presenter Charlie Jacoby. “Thanks to the new technology, you get to take part in nature.”


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