For the love of ferrets

It’s Chris Potter’s 16th annual ferret show. Organised in and around the village hall at Nynehead in West Somerset, ferret fanciers, lovers and aficionados of

Catching rabbits at a turf farm

The lovely turf at Wembley and Wimbledon comes from turf farms, and turf farms are magnets for rabbits. The South Somerset Ferreters answer the call

Ferreting an old people’s home

  The South Somerset Ferreters – that fun-loving group of ferret owners from Ilminster – have found a new spot. It’s an old people’s home

Ferreting a 300-yard hedge

It sounds easy: a straight 300-yeard hedge full of rabbit, and the ferreters are armed with nets, dogs and, yes, ferrets. Well, it requires planning

Ferreting a Graveyard

Ilminster Graveyard in Somerset has a rabbit problem and Ilminster Town Council needs to solve it. Who you gonna call? The South Somerset Ferreters step

Tricky Ferreting Day

The South Somerset ferreters face a number of challenges on a day’s ferreting, including dogs and depth. Find out how they cope – and just

Fast action ferreting

The South Somerset Ferreters are back in action, with loads of dogs – but do they have enough ferrets for a monster of a rabbit

Thumping Good Ferreting

Thumping Good Ferreting

If you enjoy full-contact sports, have you considered ferreting? When the rabbits bolt into the nets, you have to move like a rugby wing forward

Feeding Ferrets with Lasers

Feeding Ferrets with Lasers

Look out rabbits. The South Somerset Ferreters need to feed their ferrets. It is May – not a good time for ferreting – so they

Ferreting Mice with Bumblebees

Ferreting Mice with Bumblebees

Charlie Jacoby and his dad set about bolting mice by using bumblebees as ferrets. It’s an indoor and outdoor sport you can use on house


We take the cameras underground to catch rabbits with ferrets. Shooting Times magazine’s king-of-the-ferrets Simon Whitehead has perfected ‘ferretcam’ to find out exactly what his

Hardcore ferreting

Hardcore ferreting

Hardcore ferreting Simon Whitehead is a professional ferreter, that’s part pest controller, part clown, part poet and part transportation engineer. When he’s not sorting out

Bolting rabbits to shotguns

With the rabbits destroying an ancient hedgerow, the farmer calls in Roy Lupton. It’s a form of rabbit control that requires quick reactions. Roy and


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