James Marchington

Shoot costs go up by half

Game feed is 32% more expensive and poults are up by a half, if they are available at all. That’s the conclusion of one shoot

Squirrels Look Out!

James Marchington is back on his permission with his break-barrel Crosman, but first he is playing with a present that Father Christmas put in his

Stalking squirrels

James Marchington is walking and stalking with his airgun. He is hunting squirrels… This item appears in AirHeads, episode 26. To watch the whole show

More bad news for Mr Squirrel

More bad news for Mr Squirrel

James Marchington may have parakeets on his mind, but there is still a horde of squirrels out to grab the food from his bird table.

Shooting Parakeets in London

We are out after ring-necked parakeets which have been stealing fruit in the London suburbs. The film appears on AirHeads bit.ly/airheadstv episode 24, the popular

Squirrel’s last nut… airguns

It’s Grey Power vs the power of a BSA sub 12ft/lb airgun. Wave after wave of grey squirrels are coming through James Marchington’s garden. It’s

Airgun Long Shots on Skye

James Marchington is creeping up on rabbits that are plaguing the sheep pastures of the Isle of Skye. He takes some long shots, including a

Shooting Scottish Redheads

James Marchington is on the Isle of Skye after unusually-coloured rabbits with his Benjamin airgun. he is also trying to avoid being eaten alive by

Airgun back yard pest control

James Marchington’s garden is rigged for death. That’s death to vegetable-raiding rabbits, nut-pinching squirrels and egg-nicking magpies. He’s out to show how seriously you can

Easy airgun holdover tips

Here are a few simple tips for any new air rifle owner. James Marchington shows us how to quickly discover where your rifle is shooting


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