Terry Doe is the acknowledged master of airgun shooting, and in this new series he is passing on the skills, tips and techniques developed over a lifetime of hunting and competing.

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Terry’s rules for shooting safely

Safety is fundamental to every aspect of airgun shooting – so much so that, rather than mention it in passing in each episode, Terry has produced this separate video on safety, which applies to any time you are handling or using any airgun.

For more advice on airgun safety, you can download the BASC guide by clicking the link on this page basc.org.uk/airgunning/advice/

The series so far...

Episode 1 – a solid grounding

Terry is coaching Nicole Moore, ‘Shooting Girl with an Afro’ on Instagram. She’s an experienced pigeon shooter, game shot and deer stalker, but new to airgunning, so Terry starts by teaching the basics of a rock-steady seated shooting position for ultimate accuracy in the field.

It’s a chance to build Nicole’s confidence in the RTI Arms airgun, and her own ability, before moving on to techniques for breathing and trigger control in future episodes.

Episode 2 – shooting standing
In Episode 1 Terry showed Nicole his world-beating sitting position, for super-accurate shooting with no need for bench, sticks or supports. But most airgun hunters take their shots standing up, making it much harder to be accurate. In Episode 2, Terry shows Nicole the secrets of taking a quick and accurate shot from a standing position, drawing from techniques used by the top Olympic target shooters. Nicole is impressed, learns a lot, and along the way the two of them have a right old laugh.
Episode 3 – follow-through
In part 3 of Terry Doe’s Airgun Academy, he’s back coaching the enthusiastic Nicole Moore, building on earlier lessons by explaining the importance of good trigger technique and follow-through – holding focus on the target until the pellet has reached its destination. Terry likens it to the job of postman: you’re still on duty until the letter goes through the letterbox.
Episode 4 – breathing control

In part 4 of Terry Doe’s Airgun Academy series, he emphasises the importance of controlling your breathing, and shows Nicole Moore how breathing affects the movement of the gun.

It simply isn’t possible to hold the gun perfectly still, especially when you’re shooting standing, but by using your breathing you can control that movement and make it your friend rather than your enemy.

Episode 5 – shooting off sticks

Shotgun shooter Dan Thor wants to use an air rifle for farmyard pest control. Our airgun guru Terry Doe watched Dan’s earlier film, and reckons he can transform Dan’s performance with a few simple lessons. In this first session with Dan, Terry explains the importance of shooting sticks, and how to use them to best effect in the field, with a few bonus tips about trigger technique, follow-through and the best clothing to wear.

Episode 6 – a youngster’s first session
An airgun is a great introduction for a youngster, and their first session is critical. Terry Doe is teaching 12-year-old Reece, who is under doctor’s orders to avoid active sport. He shows how to make a first lesson not just safe, but fun and rewarding, in the hope Reece will be inspired to take the sport further.
Episode 7 – shooting up at an angle
Dan Thor is learning airgun skills from the master, Terry Doe. In this episode Terry explains how to shoot up at an angle, as Dan was doing in his video about shooting feral pigeons, when the birds were up in the rafters and on the roof of the barn. Dan learns whether to aim high or low, and by how much, and what else is important when you’re taking a shot at a steep upward angle.
Episode 8 – how to get the right head position on the stock
Terry Doe is back at Bisley with young Reece. In this session, Terry is looking at Reece’s head position on the stock. By moving the scope forward, it allows Reece to get comfortably behind the sight with the correct eye relief, and his cheek resting gently on the comb. It makes for more consistent and accurate shooting.
Episode 9 – how hit a rat at 4 yards
When a rat appears at 4 yards, it seems like you can’t miss – but it’s one of the hardest shots you’ll ever take. Close-range shooting requires some serious aiming-off. Get it wrong and you can miss by 6 inches. Terry Doe shows Dan Thor how to put your pellet where it counts when rats get up close and personal.
Episode 10 – teaching a youngster trigger technique
Young Reece Chart is back at Bisley for another airgun lesson from the master, Terry Doe. Reece is proving to be a natural, and now that Terry has got the scope set up right, he is teaching Reece some advanced trigger techniques and how to improve his accuracy by following through after the shot.
Episode 11 – should you keep both eyes open?

In his final session with Dan Thor, Terry Doe emphasises some of the finer points of shooting technique, such as why you should shoot with both eyes open, why to use the highest scope magnification possible, and how to adopt a ‘no compromise’ approach to every shot.

Episode 12 – super stable sitting position

Reece Chart is back at Bisley with Terry Doe for another Airgun Academy session. He has made good progress shooting off a bench; now it’s time to learn the classic sitting position, shooting off his knees to get a good, steady rest for accurate shooting in the field.

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