Niall Rowantree

Why reindeer click with the Sami

Did you know that reindeer’s back legs click when they walk? Scottish deer manager Niall Rowantree is in Swedish Lapland learning all about Santa’s little

How to assess deer fertility

Deer manager Niall Rowantree is in the larder playing wildlife detective. He’s in the middle of assessing the health of the roe doe he’s just

Deer are dead, long live trees

The Scottish Government is putting public safety at risk, and wasting tens of thousands of taxpayers’ pounds littering the countryside with fencing. It has shown

Shooting Scotland’s Goats

Here’s how to hunt feral goats in Scotland. Remember goatgate? The politicians who condemned Scottish deerstalkers for shooting goats were the same politicians who ordered

Tahr Meat Hunt

New Zealand has a pest problem. Happily, they are both a sporting shot and delicious. Niall Rowantree goes to a farm to help deal with

Marsupial pest hunt

Wallabies are an agricultural pest on New Zealand. They came from Australia, and now it is up to Kiwis to control them. Scottish deerstalker Niall

Scottish hind hunt

The red hind cull is underway on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula in Scotland. Niall Rowantree has Robert Sajitz of Blaser to help him shoot his cull

Tahr Hunt and Huge Red Stags

Deer manager Niall Rowantree is travelling Planet Deer again, looking at how New Zealand produces monster red stag heads, and going hunting for Tahr in

A lad’s first stag

A young stalker is out after a red stag for the first time. He is stalking at the Ardnamurchan with Niall Rowantree of West Highland

Scottish Stalking

It’s time for the Ardnamurchan hind cull. Niall Rowantree is up the hill with Robert Sajitz and Alexandra Baur of Blaser, Sporting Shooter editor Rebecca

Highland hind cull

Niall Rowantree is in the middle of the red hind cull (female red deer) at Ardnamurchan in the Highlands of Scotland. Robert Sajitz from German


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