Deer expert Niall Rowantree discusses Scotland’s four deer species, two aliens and two natives, their natural history and how to manage them.

Niall starts with the roe deer. What makes the animal so loved by deerstalkers and even wildlife-watchers? He looks at roe deer management and hunting, natural history and even some of the stories and legends that surround this special little deer.


Here is the deer fertility item, talking about how to assess roe deer fertility in the larder:

Next, the fallow deer. Niall accompanies ecologist Dr Cathy Mayne on a stalk of Ardnamurchan’s small fallow population after a doe. Cathy is taking her DSC2 qualification. Together, they tell the story of the fallow, and whether or not its alien status means it is welcome or unwelcome in the countryside.


Finally, he covers the red deer and sika deer. He goes stalking on two different days, in different conditions, and explains how the alien sika is in danger of displacing the native Scottish red.


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