Crow Buck

What a combination: Andy Crow and Jason Doyle head out roestalking on a lovely warm day in the south of England. Andy is sponsored by:

Crowhow: how to decoy crows

Crows are hitting the newly-drilled barley. So, Andy Crow is out to hit the Crows. He shows how he decoys these wily birds and how

High Pheasants: Upperwood Estate

Close-up, slow-motion photography reveals just how much lead a high pheasant needs, as Andy Crow goes shooting in Yorkshire on of the UK’s specialist high-pheasant

Crow’s New Toys

Crow has been sent loads of new kit to try on pigeons and deer: – a new stock on his Blaser F16 – a new

Ben Husthwaite talks clayshoots

Ben Husthwaite hits back at critics who say he cheats at clay shoots. The multi world champion winner talks about sportsmanship and gamesmanship. Ben Husthwaite

Crow’s New Cartridges

Gamebore is launching a new version of its popular Clear Pigeon cartridge – and Andy Crow helped develop it. Find out more when Andy visits

500+ birds in the bag

What do you do pigeons are munching their way through 70 acres of flattened crops? You call in your buddies and their shotguns. That’s what

Corvid Control

Corvid Control

Jackdaws are damaging the crops and farm manager Andy Crow is going to do something about them. He packs his pigeon-shooting kit – with a

Pigeon Shooting: Flock Focus

Pigeon Shooting: Flock Focus

When pigeons are feeding around a huge area, how do you bring them back to the point where you want to shoot them? Andy Crow

Pigeons over January Rape

Mark Winser joins Andy Crow to shoot pigeons on the farm in Kent. The birds are coming in hard on the oilseed rape crop and

What to Wear out Shooting?

Gameshooting in the UK has a strong sense of fashion, believe it or not. Here is what to wear if you are asked pheasant or

Hunting Model

Crow is looking good as he shoots pheasants with Childerley Sporting in the English Home Counties. The reason? He is modelling the new range of

Guns & Cartridges

Going gameshooting in the UK? Don’t know what to bring by way of guns and cartridges? This film is for you. Edward King lays it

Dogs on shoots

You are going on a British gameshooting day. But can you bring your gundog? In the latest in his Shoot Curious series, Edward King gives

Food and drink at shoots

You are going on a British gameshooting day. But what do you eat and drink? In the latest in his Shoot Curious series, Edward King

How to tip the Gamekeeper

Don’t be intimidated by the funny way shooters tip keepers. Here is what to do if you are asked on a driven bird shoot in

July Pigeon Patrol

Andy Crow is hosting young shot extraordinaire Brody Woollard for a day’s shooting. They are trying to keep the pigeons from raiding Crow’s crops of

Pigeons over Lupins

Pigeons over Lupins

Andy Crow has an unusual pest problem. The pigeons are landing on a field of lupins. He breaks out the Gamebore steel cartridges to deter

Shooting pigeons with steel

Shooting pigeons with steel

Andy Crow tests Gamebore steel cartridges on pest pigeons. Roy Lupton’s goshawk and peregrine eyasses need meat with no lead in it. So, Andy puts

Crow on Ducks

Crow on Ducks

It’s the new series of CrowHow. Andy Crow has been feeding ducks into a pond and this evening he is going to have his first


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