Pigeon shooting

African farm pest control

Where pigeons are a pest and pheasants a gamebird in the UK, in South Africa, it is all about doves and guineafowl. Rich Leonard is

Pigeon shoot (just the one)

Ryan Dawson of Cymru Hunters and Nick Richards of British Shooting Services ask Charlie Jacoby up for a day’s pigeon shooting in South Wales. Unfortunately,

Dove hunting with airguns

Rich Leonard is after doves on a farm in Cape Privince, South Africa, armed with his Air Arms S510. This item is supported by Air

Pigeons over January Rape

Mark Winser joins Andy Crow to shoot pigeons on the farm in Kent. The birds are coming in hard on the oilseed rape crop and

July Pigeon Patrol

Andy Crow is hosting young shot extraordinaire Brody Woollard for a day’s shooting. They are trying to keep the pigeons from raiding Crow’s crops of

Airgunning Cornish Pigeons

Jamie Chandler is on holiday in Cornwall and decides to give up on the beach in favour of shooting. Pigeons are bothering a local farm,

Motormouth Shooters

That Jamie Chandler – you can’t shut him up. Well, you can now. He meets shooter Paul Sadler. Having no hands doesn’t stop Jamie from

Cai’s 30th Birthday Shoot

How did you celebrate your birthday? Cai Ap Bryn asked friends to go on a pigeon shoot in Gloucestershire – good outdoor fun and useful

Carrie on Crows

Carrie on Crows

Rachel Carrie and Mark Winser join Andy Crow for a day on the corvids. It’s pest control a-go-go as Rachel fields her new secret weapon,

Good Shot Bad Retrieve

It is not easy shooting when you have no hands. It is doubly hard retrieving in thick cover. See how Jamie Chandler gets on with

Brody Goes Pigeon-shooting

Brody Goes Pigeon-shooting

Top young shot Brody Woollard goes pigeon shooting with the master: Andy Crow. He learns all the top tips about decoying, hide-building and how to

Pigeons over Lupins

Pigeons over Lupins

Andy Crow has an unusual pest problem. The pigeons are landing on a field of lupins. He breaks out the Gamebore steel cartridges to deter

Shooting pigeons with steel

Shooting pigeons with steel

Andy Crow tests Gamebore steel cartridges on pest pigeons. Roy Lupton’s goshawk and peregrine eyasses need meat with no lead in it. So, Andy puts

How to share a hide safely

How to share a hide safely

Out shooting with a mate? Here is Andy Crow’s guide to sharing a pigeon hide or duck blind safely. This film was first shown in

Rangefinding Pigeons

Rangefinding Pigeons

Roy Lupton is helping Andy Crow solve the big problem of pigeon shooting. Just what range are you hitting them? This film was first shown

Winter Pigeon Action

A frosty Andy Crow sets up the hides for himself and his cousin Gary. They are hoping to enjoy the winter sunshine on a young

Kristoffer Clausen eats a fox

The Norwegian film maker and survival expert is in the UK to meet game chef Mark Gilchrist who has promised him some new hunting experiences.

The famous Crowman shoots pigeons

Sporting Shooter pigeon expert Andy ‘The Crowman’ Crow is out protecting the Kent farm he manages from pigeons. We join him in the pigeon hide.


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