Threats to shooting: the fightback

Fieldsports groups claim shooting is under threat from over-regulation: you can’t shoot a magpie in Wales but you can in England, the Scottish government plans

RSPB lies and the language of hate

The RSPB president says that shooters are ‘subhuman’, a senior RSPB official tells lies about raptor persecution to a live audience, and the RSPB ‘bird

British wildfire season 2020

From the beginning of April, wildfires rage across the UK’s uplands, burning hardest where there has been either poor management or rewilding. Just days into

‘Heath on Fire OK!’ campaign

‘Heath on Fire OK!’ campaign

Scottish gamekeepers are promoting their ‘Heath on Fire OK!’ campaign. Backed by sporting estates and gamekeepers across the country, the initiative raises awareness of why

RSPB hits out at gamekeepers

The RSPB is upping its campaign against grousemoors, moorland gamekeepers and grouseshooters. The conservation work that gamekeepers undertake across the UK is the only barrier


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