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How to save rhinos

by Charlie Jacoby It’s dark. The baby rhino is in the South African savannah with her mother. Dawn is coming. She has survived the night

Lead shot ban hits a bump – Fieldsports News, 25 May 2022 Here are the links: Lead shot ban hits a bump – FACE challenges ECHA’s consultation: Guinea pig mystery: Harboro Rocks Clay Shoot:

Nottinghamshire police gun grab cock-up Armed officers from Nottinghamshire Police arrived at the home of gundog trainer Karl Sawyer last August. When he refused to hand his shotguns over

Anti fury over animal sentience bill

Boris Johnson’s animal rights allies are spitting fur and feathers. The animal welfare (sentience) bill will receive royal assent and become law, but it does

Shoot costs go up by half

Game feed is 32% more expensive and poults are up by a half, if they are available at all. That’s the conclusion of one shoot

The gunshop YouTuber who hunts Russians by Deborah Hadfield The hunting season in Ukraine runs from September until February. Ukrainians and overseas hunters stalk wild boar, deer and mouflon. Bear

Spain’s failing hunting ban

by Deborah Hadfield A conservation group claims that the Spanish government plans to slaughter 5,000 red deer in a national park. Robbie Kroger of Blood


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