Fabulous duck flighting at dusk

  Gamekeeper Paul Childerley goes duck shooting. There’s a pond on his shoot in Bedfordshire that’s away from the main duck ponds, and it is

On Test: Winchester Blindside

On Test: Winchester Blindside

Sporting Shooter magazine editor Dom Holtam takes the Winchester Blindside shotshells out for a roadtest on some pesky geese. Andy Crow has been suffering from

Natural England toys with wildfowling ban

Wildfowling in England in 2020 could be banned because of Natural England bureaucracy and Wild Justice’s legal threats against pigeonshooting. After Wild Justice’s lawyers threatened

Duck hunting : flighting ducks

It’s the end of a long pheasant day and how does Paul Childerley relax? He invites a friendly local keeper over to go duck flighting.

Superb goose shooting in Orkney

The Orkneys is a Mecca for goose shooters. Huge numbers of greylags come through the islands every year, and goes guide Steve Rogers of Orkney

Co Wexford Wildfowling

Jason Doyle goes back to basics – he is decoying teal and widgeon and shooting them in the marshes of Co Wexford, part of his

Massive Swedish Goose Hunt

Roy is in Sweden in the capable hands of one of the country’s top goose guiding outfits. It’s a couple of huge goose shooting days

Wildfowling on the Humber

It was the home marsh of the godfather of modern wildfowling, Stanley Duncan. We visit the BASC founder’s club, the Hull & East Riding Wildfowlers’

Goose Shoot

Around 400 canada and greylag geese are landing on a stubble field in Bedfordshire. The farmer wants them moved on, so he calls on Paul

On Test: Goose Decoys

On test: goose decoys

Wildfowler Nick Horten is looking at innovation in wildfowling this week. There is a new range of self-inflating, easy-to-carry goose decoys – the Sillosocks –

Shooting English creeks and mud

The Langstone lads are out after duck. It’s not perfect conditions for duck, but it’s good for learning about navigation by the stars and how

Boat safety for wildfowlers

Go out in a sea boat and you want to avoid being un over by another bigger vessel. Here’s how Mark from Langstone Wildfowlers on

Massive duck call

Mark from MPK Custom Calls has come up with the duck call that reach duck the other cannot reach. Find out how it works here.

Wildfowling decoy top tips

In this episode of ‘Wildfowling: The Dirty Secrets’, Nick Horten from from Langstone Wildfowlers shares a homemade design which prevents his decoys from getting in

Best wildfowling dog breeds

Nick and Matt from Langstone Harbour Wildfowlers have strong views about what makes a good wildfowling dog and how to train them. Here are their

Crow’s on the geese

Crow’s on the geese

Andy Crow is fed up with the geese mucking up his fields, so he doesn’t just grab his shotgun – he calls one of the

How to Run on Mud

How to Run on Mud

Become a mudskipper! Mud boards or ‘mud patterns’ have been used by wildfowlers for centuries to get them easily across mudflats. Nick Horten and Matt

South Coast Duck Shooting

South Coast Duck Shooting

We are out with Wildfowlers Nick Horten and Matt Kirk on the the south coast to find out what you need for duck shooting at

How to Call Duck

How to Call Duck

We’re learning to call duck and geese with the guys from MPK Custom Calls. We are on Langstone & District Wildfowlers’ club land on the

Crow on Ducks

Crow on Ducks

It’s the new series of CrowHow. Andy Crow has been feeding ducks into a pond and this evening he is going to have his first

Goose shooting in Kent

Farmer Andy Crow always has problems with pigeons but now he’s having to contend with Canada and greylag geese. Every morning they’re landing on a

Taylor’s Travels: the grey geese

Greylag and pinkfoot geese brave a 1,000-mile journey across wild seas to come to the UK every year in their hundreds of thousands. Countryside Alliance

Wildfowling in Scotland

We’re with the Wigtown Bay Wildfowlers Club learning about how they acquired land with help from the Wildlife Habitat Trust. Then we’re sharing a muddy

Shooting 10 species in a day

Shooting 10 species in a day

Were with eight guns in the Borders of Scotland on or about Britain’s shortest day and after Britain’s biggest bag: snipe, woodcock, pheasant, grouse, mallard,

Wildfowling in Cumbria

We’re in the North-West of England on the big, bleak sands of Morecambe Bay (where the Chinese cocklers died) to go wildfowling with Tom Fell

How to call in geese

How to call in geese

Greylags and pinkfeet arrive at one of Scotland’s goosiest locations, Loch Leven. The goose guide with the best shooting on the shores is Des Cochrane.


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