Cluny Guns: Best hunting rifles for under £1,500

You want to buy a rifle and you’ve got a budget of £1,500. There’s plenty to choose from in that price range, so some expert advice is good – and who better to ask than Cluny Country Guns in Fife? They’re keen shooters themselves, stock a huge range of rifles, and are always happy to share their experience with customers.

We asked Cluny’s Robbie Shedden to pick his top four best rifles for under £1,500. Starting at the top of the price range, his first choice was a Tikka, the new limited edition T3X. “Tikka are pretty much stalwarts in the rifle industry, and this is just a really nice feeling rifle.”

Cluny's Robbie Shedden runs through his top four rifles for under £1,500

“They’ve filled the stock with foam so it doesn’t feel at all hollow.It comes with a green stock, a Cerakoted barrel and a large bolt knob,” he says. “It’s a really nice solid rifle, and one of our most popular.”

Moving down slightly in price, Robbie’s next choice is the Sauer S100, priced around £1,400. “Sauer is a quality rifle brand,” he explains. “This one has a Cerakoted hammer forged barrel. It has a really nice stock as well, with a good sleek feel to it. The bolt action is lovely on these, too.”

Next on Robbie’s list is the Mauser M12 Impact. “These have a really stunning bolt action. It’s so smooth; the bolt feels really well machined. It comes with a matt grey fluted barrel, which is great for dissipating heat. They come with more of a soft-touch stock. It’s a really popular rifle for us, at around the £1,200 mark.”

The Browning X-Bolt has a nice light trigger and stainless fluted barrel

To complete his top four rifles, Robbie picks the Browning X-Bolt. “It’s a bit more nimble in the stock; this gun has really nice ergonomics,” he says. “It has a featherweight trigger, which is exactly as it sounds, a really nice light trigger pull. There’s a stainless fluted barrel, and this one is just over £1,100.”

And if Robbie had to pick one for himself, which one would it be? “It would have to be the Mauser M12,” he says. “That bolt action is hard to beat; it’s a lot of gun for the money.”

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