RSPB blames grouseshooters for missing red kite

Police are investigating after a red kite’s tag suddenly stopped transmitting. The RSPB claims the bird ‘may have been’ illegally killed.

The RSPB was monitoring a GPS tag attached to the bird in June 2019 by FoRK (Friends of Red Kites), according to the North East’s ChronicleLive news website.

The report says the bird called ‘KK’ toured northern England, including the Peak District, but settled in the Derwent Valley.

KK’s last position was on moors near the Derwent Reservoir about two weeks ago. Despite no evidence, the RSPB suggests that grouse moor managers might have killed the bird.

The RSPB’s Emma Marsh claims there is evidence of a “connection between driven grouse shooting and the illegal killing of birds of prey”.

FoRK claims that seven red kites have been found poisoned or shot dead near Derwent Gorge and nearby moorland in recent years.

Police are asking for information on the case, which is number 22042020-0078.

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