Crufts 2009 gundogs

Do you want to know what the perfect gundog looks like? You won’t see it on the BBC, which dramatically pulled out of covering Crufts 2009. Instead, watch it on Gundogs at Crufts 2009 is the subject of a 45-minute TV documentary that’s free to download and watch on Presenter Charlie Jacoby brings you all the excitement of Gundog Day at the greatest dog show on earth. Among highlights: * Gundog expert Jan Andrews gives a one-soundbite guide to all the gundog breeds that the Kennel Club recognises. * BASC Gundog Co-ordinator Jamie Stewart delivers expert commentary at the final of the BASC regional gamekeeper team competition. * Mr Crufts, TVs Peter Purves, talks about his years at the show. * Kennel Club secretary Caroline Kisko says what the KC is doing to improve breed standards. * Top field trial judge Gaynor Bailey says what she is looking for in a gundog this year. * Full interview with the winner of the Northesk Memorial Trophy for working gundog of the year, 16-year-old Gwen Jones from the Monachty Shoot near Aberystwyth. Some 28,000 dogs and their owners went to Crufts this year. Of these, more than 5,000 were gundogs and, of those, at least 400 were working gundogs. was there on day three, Gundog Day, to talk to competitors, judges, trainers and organisers. This programme brings you the best of 2009’s British retrievers, spaniels and HPRs. And remember – you won’t see it on the BBC!

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