DEFRA kicks general licences down the road – Fieldsports News, 19 February 2020

Here are the links:

General licences reissued on temporary basis
Boris Johnson renews promise for ban on hunting trophy imports – Mirror
Defra holds firm on releasing game birds – BASC
Hunt monitor launches stone at rider’s face – Twitter
Sea eagles ‘destroy livelihoods’ in Scotland – Herald Scotland
League Against Cruel Sports targets hunts – Mirror
Iconic Scottish fishing and hunting store closes – The Courier
BASC gets tweet deleted – BASC
Hunt sabs force sacking of former huntsman – Facebook
Shooter looks to raise £5,000 with charity walk – Just Giving
Police issue licence to own a rifle – and that’s it
Boy shot dead by hunting rifle in Russia – Daily Mail
US state comes close to a partial gun ban – Guardian
Bald Eagles across the United States die from lead poisoning – CNN
Pregnant Norwegian huntress receives online abuse – Facebook
Vegans walk cabbages instead of dogs – Lomunidad
Badger shocks Superdrug workers as it falls through shop ceiling – BBC


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