Famous Grouse backs grouse shoot ban charity

The Famous Grouse whisky is has a new brand called ‘Black Grouse’ and, to celebrate, it is raising money for black grouse protection.

It has raised £600,000 so far and has decided to donate it to the RSPB, the charity that is working to ban grouse shooting.

While grouse-shooters take on the hard work of black grouse conservation, the RSPB is working hard to accept 50p per bottle of Black Grouse whisky. The Famous Grouse marketing director Suzy Smith says she is thrilled.

The RSPB points to a tree-planting scheme in Scotland that it says will benefit black grouse. The RSPB is Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) partner for black grouse in Wales. THE BAP partner for black grouse in Scotland is pro-shooting organisation the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Here is a film that tells the true story of black grouse conservation in Scotland: