Fieldsports Britain – Crow’s new shotgun

They are not impressed at Beretta’s UK office. What has Crow been doing to his shotgun? Well: ‘Using it,’ answers Andy Crow. Here is how the professionals take a shooter and fit him with the perfect gun – in this case it’s a 692 Black. That’s not all. They are also servicing his old well-worked semi-auto and bring it back to new: showing how to strip it and how to check the components. Plus we get a sneak peak at Sir Jackie Stewart’s game guns which are also in for a service.

Then there is Roy out with the Drone Pro 10x, trying to outwit a fox, and News leads on the New Zealand Easter Bunny Hunt – with real rabbits.
Here are the links to the items on YouTube:
Andy’s new shotgun
Roy’s foxes
How to strip and clean a semi-auto
Here are the #YouTube links to the Hunting YouTube films:
Danny Lindstrand
Randy Newberg, Hunter
Lone Star Boars
Hunt Productions
Dieter du Plessis
Sauvagine MLH
Banded Nation
The Pace Brother’s Podcast

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