Fieldsports Britain – ‘Hunt Off’ – UK vs The Continentals (episode 188)

Funny foreigner Max Hunt is presenting the programme today. Legend-in-his-own-shooting-jacket Roy Lupton joins him to see how well they shoot and hunt in continental Europe – and can he do any better?

In this week’s show, we are tracking and following up an injured roebuck and we are taking part in one of the great field tests of shooting ability, as Roy and Max pit themselves against all-comers to see who will bring home the bacon at the Zeiss Field Shooting Event in Denmark.

And there are our regulars: News Stump, ‘Hallo Charlie!’, Skinners’ gundog training tips and Hunting YouTube. Settle down, pour yourself a glass, lean back and enjoy it.

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
FishOn Vienna

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