Fieldsports Britain – Kids’ game shooting day and our Christmas party, episode 57

Take two dozen kids, give them shotguns and let them loose in the countryside. Sounds like a recipe for disaster? Not a bit of it. In the week that senior British politicians called for a crackdown on people under 21 using guns (in response to two middleaged men – Raoul Moat and Derrick Bird – going on a rampage with their guns), these young people show just how good shooting sports are at teaching responsibility, citizenship and a good dose of nature conservation as well. The Schools’ Challenge game day is a super two-day course that teaches not just how to shoot but what to wear, what to drive, all the great traditions of British gameshooting and tops it all off with a pheasant shoot on a top Buckinghamshire estate. Organised by the Oxford Gun Company, see how well the children get on with guns in their hands. That’s not all. After the kids have gone to bed, it’s the Sporting Shooter magazine Christmas party. Top chef Mark Gilchrist shows how to replace the Christmas turkey with some of the best pheasant you will ever eat.

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