Fieldsports Britain – Kristoffer Clausen eats fox + chasing rabbits with lurchers

We are catching rabbits with lurchers, we are decoying crows and pigeons, and we even have a bloke eating a fox. On this week’s Fieldsports Britain, ace hunter Kristoffer Clausen talks about living in the wilds of Norway for a whole year. He is over in the UK to enjoy some crow shooting with Mark Gilchrist. Nearby, Andy ‘Crowman’ Crow is decoying in the pigeons that are feeding on acorns at this time of year. Next – after David Wright gets emotional on the news stump (he is insanely jealous of Adam Henson who is on the programme too) – we are lamping rabbits with lurchers on Dartmoor with professional rabbit-catcher Ed Cook. Ed takes 20,000 rabbits a year. Then we’re off to Somerset for a day out with the South Somerset Ferreters who are also using lurchers to catch the rabbits that coming out of a couple of long buries. We have a grandstand view of the action. And finally, staying in Somerset, we join the popular Pass It On lads and lasses as they pass on the joys of hunting, shooting and fishing at an open day for local schoolchildren.

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