Fieldsports Britain – Max Hunt’s black roebuck + Andy Crow on the pigeons (episode 200)

It’s a bit of management hunting and a bit of trophy hunting this week. Max Hunt is in Germany after an unusual roebuck – a black one. Max finds out what makes these animals so dark – and so special. Meanwhile, Kent farm manager Andy Crow has a day on the pigeons that are ravaging his bean crop. Using a combination of old decoys, new decoys, careful hide building and super shooting, Andy knocks down 60 birds. Find out what damage woodpigeons do to a bean crop. We’ve got Hunting YouTube, we’ve got Calendar, we’ve got News Stump and we’ve got ‘Hallo Charlie!’. It’s Fieldsports Britain’s 200th episode!

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Aussie Bush Harvest
Andrew Ucles
Wild French Hunter
Wild Jaeger