Fieldsports Britain – Pigeons over wheat and a nice double rifle

To shoot or not to shoot – that is the question. If you are Andy ‘Crowman’ Crow, made famous by Sporting Shooter magazine, and birds are devastating your mate’s wheatfields, it’s an easy one to answer. And he has a number of tips and tricks up his camouflaged sleeves to deceive those pesky pigeons. If you are Roy Lupton and you are with a relatively inexperienced shot who sees a roedeer head sticking up from a wheatfield, it’s more difficult. And if you live in Scotland and are, for any reason, having elephant trouble – well, local gun collector John Ormiston may be able to help you out with a classic 19th century double rifle. There: pigeons, roebuck and elephant. Planning on shooting anything else at this time of year?

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