Fieldsports Britain – Teaching Americans to Lamp Foxes

Roy Lupton is out with a lamp, rifle and an American in this week’s show. He is after foxes – and he is after teaching our American cousins a thing or two about the joys of lamping.

Meanwhile, Charlie Jacoby is on a tour of British gun launches. he tries out the AYA Centenary, he is there to see the UK’s deer trackers receive a consignment of rifles from Blaser, and he goes to the Browning, Winchester and Miroku 2015 press launch, showcasing the Browning B725 ProTrap High Rib, the Browning AB3 rifle, the Borwning X-Bolt Eclipse and the Winchester XP3. then there is News Stump with some nearly anti-hunting girls going bear, literally, there is ‘Halo Charlie!’ from the Lamping Foxes crew an Hunting YouTube showcases the best videos on Youtube this wee. pour yourself a glass, sit back and enjoy Fieldsports Britain.

Here are the links to the items:

✰ Foxshooting

✰ News Stump

✰ ‘Hallo Charlie!’

✰ Deer trackers


✰ Browning

✰ Hunting YouTube

Here are the links to Hunting YouTube
Brent Norbury
Aussie Staghounds
Fowled Reality
Mikko Timonen
Pretot Hunting
In The Zone Hunting Productions

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