Fieldsports Britain – Texas Hog Hunting

Hog hunting is massive in the USA. We are out after Texas hogs with Nitesite night vision and a crossbow. Plus the show is packed with Cai ap Bryn not going hungry in Hungary, Hunting YouTube featuring duck hunting in Russia and Australia, ‘Hallo Charlie!’ is back where you can see one of our viewers shoot a clay pigeon with an elephant gun, and News leads on the Jurassic World star who intends to eat only what he shoots. It’s global sport from Fieldsports Britain!

Here are the links to the items on YouTube:
News Stump
‘Hallo Charlie!’
Wild boar cookery
Hunting YouTube

Here are the links to Hunting YouTube:
Kristoffer Clausen
BeagleBoys RabbitHunting
Whitebone Creations Hunting
Dustin Mizell
Hunter World
PigeonAnd FishingChannel

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