Fieldsports Channel sponsors Google (the hound, not the company)

Fieldsports Channel is sponsoring two hounds for the 2020/2021 season. Following the success of its YouTube channel (260,000 subscribers and risinging), Fieldsports Channel has sponsored a fine dog hound called Google at the Quorn. And, continuing the theme, it also sponsored a bitch called Sequel.




Founded in 1696 by Thomas Boothby of Tooley Park, Leicestershire, the Quorn Hunt has a claim to be the oldest hunt in the country. Tooley Park lies about eight miles southwest of Leicester, just to the north of the Hinckley road. The hunt takes its name from the village of Quorn, where the hounds were kennelled from 1753 to 1904.

Founded 313 years later in 2009, Fieldsports Channel makes the world’s most-watched weekly hunting TV show, Fieldsports Britain.

Hunts all over the country offer hound sponsorship. The Quorn sent Fieldsports Channel photos in a frame of the hounds it chose, plus a certificate and a metal and enamel badge. “We are looking forward to seeing Google and Sequel in action this season,” says Fieldsports Channel’s Charlie Jacoby. “Sponsoring hounds is a wonderful way to provide hunts with income, and a hound sponsorship makes a great present.”




Most hunts offer a hound sponsorship scheme. Some of them are moving their sponsorship offers online, either as part of their subscriptions or in the hunt’s online shop. Here are some of the hunts offering hound sponsorship online + the 2020/2021 season prices for sponsorship:






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