Mythbusting copper bullets – Fieldtester episode 1


It’s the first episode of our new monthly Fieldtester kit series, which comes with a whole Fieldtester section of the website devoted to shooting/hunting kit reviews. Visit

In this film, Andrew Venables from WMS Firearms Training and Tim Pilbeam conduct the most comprehensive test of copper bullets they can, with as many rounds as they can lay their hands on, from manufacturers including Hornady, Lapua and RWS. Plus Jason Doyle shows how to give boots the test they need before you commit to buying them. We have gun horror stories from gunshop owner Marcus Simpson of Simpson Brothers in Cambridgeshire and Staffordshire gunshop owner Paul Hodson of Target Sports UK reveals which clay gun you can buy for under £500.

Here are the individual items:


Copper test

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Exploding guns

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Best clay gun for under £500

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