Fieldsports Nation Weekly News Bulletin

🤓 David rounds up the top stories from around the fieldsports world:
➡️Animal rights protesters bully the The British Shooting Show and disrupt Taste of Game evening in Derby.
➡️ Conservatives drop their commitment to repeal Tony Blair’s hunt ban, and plan a new rural police force, the Office for Environmental protection, to crack down on people working with livestock and wildlife.
➡️Farmer builds earth bunds around his farm to protect his land from criminals.
➡️Scottish Natural Heritage punishes Leadhills Estate in South Lanarkshire for a hen harrier found dead there.
➡️Two men convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a fox after releasing it “into the path of a hunt” given suspended sentences.
➡️Antis threaten local businesses that work with other business that include hunt supporters.
➡️Footballer turned actor Vinnie Jones hits back at attempts by animal rights activists to have him thrown off a top TV show because he supports shooting.
➡️For nearly £1,000 a night, you can now take a bath next to a lion in Kent.
➡️Vegan students at a Cambridge college have asked for a painting to be removed because it offends them.
➡️EU ban on lead in cartridges looks like it is going through on the nod.
➡️Swedish woman shoots what may be a record fox.
➡️Former Danish football star says he had death threats after going on a leopard hunt in Zimbabwe.
➡️Danish royal family take part in their annual ‘King’s’ hunt.
➡️African swine fever threatens Germany.
➡️Woman walking her dog may have been killed by a pack of hounds in France.
➡️Spate of deadly bear attacks in Romania has raised fears that the population of Europe’s largest protected carnivore is out of control.
➡️Cull of ten surplus giraffes is underway in Namibia.
➡️Texas woman found dead after pre-dawn attack by a group of feral hogs.
➡️Police say an animal rights organisation may have staged a film showing cruelty on a farm.
➡️And finally, a centenarian bags her first buck.

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